What Are Managed Service Providers Looking For?

Look for a managed service provider that has been around long enough to have developed a good reputation. Be sure to check references and speak with some existing customers to find out how well services were performed, whether contractual commitments were met, and how easy it was to work with the company. Managed service providers often take care of complex, repetitive, slow, or arduous work for their customers, conveniently offloading their workloads so they can focus on other business aspects and needs. Outsourcing certain operations to an MSP is a strategic method to improve a company’s effectiveness and operational efficiency.

The managed disaster recovery aspect of this service typically means that your data is successfully backed up, verified, and can be restored in a period of time that fits your RTO and RPO needs. An MSP will use the information it has from the other managed services it receives to proactively address technical issues before they have a chance to cause downtime. Beyond the previous essential managed services you should get or expect when partnering with an MSP, some will offer additional premium features included with their service or available as an add-on. Organizations are more often looking for managed service partnerships to meet their IT needs.

If you are considering hiring a managed service provider, contact ComTec Solutions for a consultation. What is not simple is that many IT companies offer similar services despite not being formal managed service providers. A good managed service provider will offer help desk support as a supplement to your contract, so you never run out of answers or help when it’s needed most. In essence, an SLA functions as the central document that defines the services that an MSP will provide to the attractive company and serves to level the company’s expectations around those outstanding services.

We’ll use that same scenario to show the differences in what it would look like if you worked with a managed service provider. Before you sign the dotted line with the first MSP that appears on Google, review these best practices for choosing a managed service provider. MSSP stands for Managed Security Service Provider and is primarily responsible for ensuring the security of your technology infrastructure and your company’s data

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