Who Are The Largest Providers Of Managed Services?

IBM offers many managed services on the market. Accenture is one of the largest and best. They provide direct services to organizations and provide support to other MSPs. To improve the existing skills of IT professionals, they also offer training programs.

IBM, with its many business units, provides the security, management, and global footprint needed to improve one’s IT environment. Accenture is one of the largest and most well-known companies today. They offer managed services that can help you quickly scale your security and compliance operations. They have innovative technologies such as global cyber labs and cyberfusion centers that offer unique access to market-leading cybersecurity services.

Their unmatched expertise helps their customers achieve business and operational resilience using industry-leading tools and methods. Founded in 1992, Carousel Industries serves more than 6,000 businesses worldwide, including small and business enterprises. They employ more than 1,300 IT professionals in 27 locations. In addition to offering managed services, they are also certified resellers of more than 35 technology partners.

We are proud to serve more than 1000 companies throughout. Based in Paris, Atos has a presence in 73 companies under the brands Atos, Atos Syntel, Unify, and Worldline. It focuses primarily on AI, cybersecurity, high performance computing (HPC), data center transformation, and cloud integration. The company focuses on several key areas of digital transformation, including AI, Industry 4.0, IoT, cognitive computing and data analytics, cybersecurity, cloud solutions, and next-generation infrastructure.

The firm has a scientific community that brings together 150 of the best researchers, engineers, and others within the company to provide a multifunctional approach to digital innovation and disruption. Atos is among the few IT service providers that operate a quantum computing advisory group. It specializes in developing quantum machine learning algorithms and producing next-generation architectures and secure quantum cryptography. Atos operates a complete programming and simulation environment for software development, education and training.

The firm has an impressive array of partners, including Google Cloud, Dell EMC, VMware, Microsoft, RSA, SAP, Cisco, AWS, Oracle, Citrix, Salesforce, IBM, Fiper Networks, and HP. The multinational company and its sub-brands operate in more than 40 countries. Capgemini is especially strong in retail, media, healthcare, and manufacturing. The company’s focus on vertical industries allows it to develop and apply digital solutions in a highly targeted way.

Capgemini offers services tailored to most major industry groups. Deloitte’s managed cloud services division supports hybrid IT, as well as a number of core business services, including consulting and risk advisory. It focuses on large enterprise customers deploying the cloud to gain a competitive advantage. The company is particularly suited to serve companies that, depending on their industry, must navigate a tangle of regulations within their IT landscape.

Deloitte’s legacy strength lies in corporate auditing services, hence its strength in sensitive areas of compliance. In relation to its strength in compliance, Deloitte has a deep commitment to cybersecurity. This focus on IT security is, of course, of perennial importance given the matrix (and complexity) of security concerns created by cloud computing. This ranges from which employees can access a company’s cloud deployment to what information can be stored in the cloud and (again) what regulations govern the storage of that data.

In addition, Deloitte’s OpenCloud Cloud Management Platform (CMP) works to streamline and automate the process of any number of cloud deployments, from hybrid to private to multi-cloud. Aligned Technology Solutions provided outsourced IT support for an outdoor recreational facility. Team responsibilities include hardware, security, and help desk management. A men’s clothing and footwear brand hired Vertical Computers to set up its IT network in its new warehouse.

As part of the engagement, Vertical Computers handled the installation of computers and other IT equipment that would allow internal teams to focus on the work they need to do. They have completed the configuration and continue to provide technical support. Founded in 1989, ScienceSoft is a U.S.-based IT consulting and software development company with managed IT services between the main addresses. The company has more than 700 IT talents (business analysts, PM, solution architects, developers) covering a variety of technology stacks, DevOps engineers, quality assurance professionals, security experts, data analysts, etc. ScienceSoft holds 9 Microsoft Gold Competencies, AWS Select Consulting Partnership, and Oracle Partner Network Membership. ScienceSoft helped a software and IT services training company scale its operations through web application and software development.

They started building the client’s content delivery platform using PHP and MySQL and built native apps for iOS and Android. They were then used to create the customer’s core software product using several development frameworks. The client was impressed with the breadth of his skills. SugarShot provided consulting and IT help desk services for a non-purpose organization.

The customer felt they didn’t need an in-house person to take care of IT, but they needed a help desk that they could call when they needed help. SugarShot is a customer help desk; they manage servers and services, provide troubleshooting services, and fulfill a variety of other functions. The client has been satisfied with the work of the company and feels that the company has helped to advance its cybersecurity.

Intellias is developing a location data platform for a global leader in location-based services. The platform works with real-time HD maps, and engineers are responsible for cloud-based architecture and robotaxi technology that aims to enable autonomous cars in the future. The partnership resulted in greater efficiency and a 40% reduction in costs, while allowing internal staff to focus on strategic projects. Intellias impressed with its robust talent acquisition process and quality standards. Proactive management of the agency kept projects going.

Eze Castle Integration uses its expertise in the investment and finance sector to address the unique IT challenges of hedge funds and private equity firms around the world. Your team helps companies meet their infrastructure, cybersecurity, communications, and business protection needs. For small and medium-sized organizations in Intermountain West, Executech offers a personal and human approach to IT services. Customers gain the experience and support of a dedicated IT technician who works on-site to meet nearly every technology need a business might have.

US Signal, based in the Midwest, supports companies in healthcare, finance, manufacturing, education, retail, and more as they face even their most complex IT business challenges. From consulting to cloud migration, your team provides customized IT solutions for any business need. While most MSPs manage a wide range of services, some MSPs focus on critical emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, or even edge computing. Founded in 2000, the Liaison Technologies team of more than 500 employees provides cloud consulting, managed IT, and IT services.

With that in mind, here are 10 MSPs that are worth keeping an eye on if you plan to move a portion of your IT services to an external service. CRN’s list of managed service providers 500 recognizes leading technology providers and consultants whose forward-thinking approach to providing managed services is changing the IT channel landscape. Expedient Technology Solutions provides customers in the greater Dayton and Cincinnati region with expert IT services. Managed IT service provider allows a company that needs IT support to purchase and pay only for the specific services it needs.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) offer a wide range of IT and cloud computing services on a contract or subscription basis. Time and again, managed service providers, also known as MSPs, have proven critical to a company’s success. Swift Systems is an information technology company based in Maryland that provides customers with high-quality managed IT services. Softchoice Corporation is known for offering solutions and services to organizations through consulting, implementation, management, and product sourcing.

This MSP enables companies to improve their bottom line through the use of their consumption-based technology and services. A commercial real estate software company hired Electric to provide IT support to its hiring managers and office manager. PwC focuses on driving innovation and developing new products, services, and ways of doing business.  They do this through immersion and acceleration labs, prototyping and vision of emerging technologies, rapid prototyping and other business, and IT development frameworks. Todays best-managed service provides work through the cloud, managing hardware and software, and operations.

As technology becomes increasingly important to businesses, medium and small businesses that have limited IT staff and funds also hire managed service providers. 

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